Policeman, 7 others dead, petrol station attacked as gang war throws residents into panic

The peace and tranquility hitherto witnessed by residents of Amukoko, in the densely populated Ajegunle area of Lagos, has been replaced with fear, owing to an ongoing gang war among some youths in the area, which has already claimed 10 lives.

At the moment, helpless residents are wearing expressions of fear, sadness and uncertainty, with some shops still under lock out of fear that owners may lose their wares to the rampaging warring gangs. Some of the residents have wondered why the security agents have been unable to contain the situation. The latest fight occurred last Tuesday, between Apasa and market street boys, with sporadic gunshots renting the air. Residents who have always been on the alert, scurried into hiding to avoid being hit by flying bullets. Text messages were sent to loved ones who were yet to return home, to remain where they were, in order not to fall into the rival warrior’s crossfire.

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Investigation by Saturday Vanguard revealed that the youths of Apasa, Itire, Iyatuwo, Ishaga, market street, Mosafejo and Alaba areaa have been embroiled in a power tussle for close to two years.

It has become a reccurring event of attacks and constant killings in these areas, a situation that has deprived residents of rest and sleep at night. It was gathered that two members of the gang were brutally murdered in Alao and Itire roads in Ojo Local government Area after a roadside attack last month. During one of the fights on December 31, 2018, three members of market street gang were allegedly killed by Apasa boys. Another attack was said to have been launched on Market boys three weeks ago, during which one of them, (market boy) was killed. Also last Monday, market boys were said to have ambushed a member of Apasa area gang at about 6pm. The victim was reportedly shot and abandoned to die in the pool of his blood but he was however said to have survived the attack.

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When news of his survival reached market boys, they reportedly launched another attack on Apasa, same week. As if that was not enough, they allegedly attacked a petrol station owned by a retired policeman, simply because it was situated within Apasa area and reportedly made away with three motorcycles which were being refuelled by their owners as well as an unspecified amount of money. 

Also during one of the attacks, residents said some armed youths stormed Ezeagu street through a local bridge popularly called ‘kpako’ and stopped at Alao Junction, throwing the area into disarray . They reportedly robbed people who were passing through the bridge of their belongings. Shop owners hurriedly closed up while some residents fled their homes. When a team of policemen arrived the scene, the hoodlums fled in different directions with one of them making attempt to hide in a building. But he was resisted by a resident who claimed to be a soldier. He was lynched by an angry mob in the process with his corpse dumped beside Christ the King Catholic church, Alao bus stop, alongside another member of his gang who was also intercepted.

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