Operations show your Dog Receipt

====Police demand dog receipt from a lady

It is a known fact in Nigeria Law that anyone found guilty of an offence of cruelty to animals is liable to 6 months imprisonment and/or a fine of 50 naira, but what is more disturbing or calls for worry, is when one is made to show a receipt for moving around with his or her Dog in Nigeria.

To some people or Nigeria security observers, it is strange but a lady is presently explaining to the police, how she came about her pet dog.

This interrogation started just because of her failure to display her dog receipt when demanded for, by some police officers.

While we know that there is what is called a Warrantless arrest in Section 495 of the Criminal Code, the question now is whether it is now a crime to own a pet dog in Nigeria.

Is taking a walk with a dog now a security challenge in Nigeria?  

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The criminal code envisaged that a peace officer may arrest without warrant a person who has committed an indictable offence or who, on reasonable grounds, he believes has committed or is about to commit an indictable offence (section 494(1)(a) Criminal Code), but is having a dog as a pet an indictable offence now in Nigeria.

==== Nigeria should be advocating animal protection and support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

While the country should be advocating the importance of animal protection as a societal value within the country and support for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, prohibition of cruelty and protection for different categories of animals, Nigeria Police as a matter of public safety importance should not deter Nigerians from owing a Dog or other pet Animals.

The police is yet to state the Lady’s offence as not having a dogs receipt to every reasonable mind has not constituted an offence that warrant punishment.

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=====Police to focus on issue of Boko Haram, Farmer-herder clashes, Poor Control of Borders, Terrorism etc

The police should at present in Nigeria deploy all their energy to these security challenges which include, the issue of Boko Haram, Farmer-herder clashes, Poor Control of Borders, Terrorism, Lack of Faith in Security Agencies, Elimination of Corruption among others.  

===Police must desist from creating bad image to the force

They should desist from creating bad image to the force, like the issue of producing a receipt for a 5 months old baby, which allegedly occurred on 24th August 2019 along Omarelu and umuapu by Owerri Port Harcourt express road in Imo state and the issue of operation show your Dog receipt among other trivial acts.

===Receipt for a 5 months old baby, which allegedly occurred on 24th August 2019

Mr Chijioke Chimeziri while narrating his ordeal when he was asked to produce the receipt of his 5 months Baby alleged that the police men in question took to their heels when he placed a call to their superior officers.

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If the action they were taking was legitimate, while running from your Superiors.

“Na chop I don chop the police man finish. By the time I placed a call to their Superior, none of them wanted to take the phone from me to identify himself.”

It is important to state that an owner of a dog  shall he deemed to have committed cruelty if he shall have failed to exercise reasonable care and supervision in respect of the protection of the animal but not by his or her failure to show a receipt.

Soon we might all be going around with receipts of our husbands and wives of even Phones and cloths.

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