I’ve been an admirer of Governor Rochas Okorocha only because of his craziest disposition to exceptional empowerment of his chosen young people. My good friend and brother and associate and ally, the Hon. Uju Kingsley Chima, benefited so enormously from this disposition. I benefited from Uju, still benefitting from Uju.

But there’s no justification for the state of the two stadia under review. What was the basis of building new stadia in Okigwe and Orlu by Governor Rochas Okorocha, including the beautiful Heroes Square without servicing and maintaining the existing stadia, two in Owerri and one in Orlu. This should count as failure on the part of outgoing administration.

Frankly, I’ve been waiting to read the details of the projects executed in the Oil Producing Areas of Imo State, even if they are block works as evidenced everywhere. This is because for eight years beginning from 2011-2019, the allocations for the 13% Oil Derivation Fund were not deployed for the development of the Oil Producing Areas of Imo State. This should be addressed before the administration breathes last in order not to allow the Hon. Uju Kingsley Chima to become so accused of having converted and diverted the funds, even by those who benefited, still benefitting from him.

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Another issue of concern to the people of the Oil Producing Areas of Imo State is the approved N3B for the settlement and empowerment of the former militants and agitators, who became the agents of the Okorocha administration. What will become of the former militants and agitators? Where are the projects from the budget under review?

Yet again, let ourselves from the Oil Producing Areas question why other purportedly established Universities are fully built while the Marine University, Oguta remained abandoned. What about the huge funds in billions under the administration of the Hon. Henry Okafor as the Managing Director of the Isopadec Imo State as allegedly expended on the project? The people deserve answers and responses.

Again, can it be said that a College of Education ( Technical) was established in Egbema, even commissioned without an enabling legislation from the House of Assembly? What about the huge funds running into billions from the 13% Oil Derivation Fund for this project?

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Fundamentally, it is important that you find out from Governor Rochas Okorocha whether the General Hospital, Umuokanne Ohaji which Okorocha collapsed and closed in 2011 , including carting away of the facilities and equipment leaving only the mortuary, has been rehabilitated and reopened? Alternatively, has Okorocha and ourselves built another hospital as purportedly built in the other Local Governments? This deserves answers and responses.

Last line:

If at the end of the day, there is no response or answer to these questions and posers, then everyone from the Oil Producing Areas of Imo State, including myself who has been an admirer and promoter of Governor Rochas Okorocha, should bury our heads in shame for disappointing our generation, and the generations yet unborn. This includes everyone in the Oil Producing Areas, including members of the PDP, APC, AA, APGA , and other political parties for docility and complicity. None should play such sanctimonious grandstanding in innocence; we’ve all failed even with our militancy and militarized background and orientation. Shamefully despicable!!!


Furthermore, I learnt and read about the elevation of the status of the Imo State Polytechnics, Umuagwo Ohaji to a University. This is amazing and inspiring. But can a University be established without an enabling law? Also, can a Polytechnics be elevated and reclassified into a University without altering or amending the law establishing the Polytechnics? Let responses and clarifications be made, please.

Finally, it is my utmost desire in sincerest humility and sense of responsibility and dutiful vigilance, that these questions and posers be answered and responded to. And this is in good faith, without negative purposes while remaining the same admirer and promoter of Governor Rochas Okorocha.
Let no sycophant and destroyer and marooned political idiot misjudge or misconstrue this intervention from a defeated indigene, one who was looked up to as one of the defenders but who failed and betrayed because of his undying love and comradeship with the Hon. Uju Kingsley Chima.

Ekwusigom ooooooo.

Let truth prevail always, and be allowed to flow like a river non-stop!!!

Regards always.

Temple Okonji Esq.
Abuja Nigeria.
May 18, 2019.


  • June 11, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    Well done Temple, we Ohaji son’s n daughters appreciate your laudable gestures by exposing this evil man call Okorocha n his cronies, including our own Kingsley Uju from Egbema!
    Keep pushing Temple we’re solidly behind you ok, Umuokanne general hospital should be reopened n upgraded, Ohajiland deserves a government functioning hospital, n build another extension of the hospital at Awarra court area for crying loud, Ohaji deserves the best in Imo!
    Thank you, comrade Goddy Amadi writes from Manchester/ England.


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