…..need for right choices


One of the Holy books, the Bible recorded in Genesis 41 that Pharaoh had a vision. In the morning he sent for all the magicians, enchanters and purported wise men of Egypt. Pharaoh told them his visions, but no one could interpret them for him.

Same with the Biblical account in Daniels 2:1-3 , Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon had a vision. 

He called in all the Babylonian magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, and fortunetellers to interpret his dreams for him.  To be sure that he was not deceived he asked them to tell him his own vision and the interpretation thereof.

….failure of man’s wisdom in kingdom dominance

Interestingly, in both cases of the visions of Pharaoh, King of Egypt and Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon,  the  magicians,  sorcerers  and enchanters of Egypt and Babylon could not tell the Kings their visions, not to talk of the interpretation and execution thereof.

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In both incidents at different periods in history, It took the wise, excellent, skillful, versatile, honest and intelligent Hebrew men, Joseph, Daniel,  Mishack,  Shedrach and Abednego to tell the Kings their dreams and interpreted them accurately.

…merit over parochial interest

Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar being wise kings, did not consider the fact that these guys were Hebrew slaves . They did not consider that these guys were conquered and enslaved serfs . They did not consider other primordial or clannish things like their ages, ethnicity , race,  colour and creed .

The two wise kings placed competence , excellence,  wisdom,  merit and other objective criteria over primordial “jejune”  interests / considerations and elevated these guys as the topmost administrators in their Citadel  to help them in the robust  interpretations  and EXECUTION of  their  visions .

Records have it, that Egypt under Joseph’s wise counsel/top administrative skills and Pharaohs leadership became the center of wealth and prosperity that saved the whole world from famine.

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…..Wisdom rests in the heart of the discerning

Babylon under the wise counsel and administrative leadership of Daniel,  Shedrach, Mishack and Abednego and Kingship of Nebuchadnezzar grew  to become prosperous and leader of the ancient world .

Daniel was so skillful and honest that he served under many Babylonian kings and was not found wanting in excellent execution of the Kings Mandates and integrity.  The Political gurus of his time,  who hated him and his guts could not find occasion to accuse him because he was upright and excellent and never failed in any assignments given to him. He never pilfered or looted the state’s treasury or criminally enriched himself or his cronies. He was unquestionably upright,  outstandingly skillful and incontrovertibly excellent..

There are many Josephs, Daniels , Shedrachs , Mishacks and Abednegos in every society today . There are many prophets (7000 who will have refused to kiss the feet of Baal and Ashera in the society ) .

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There were also many sorcerers, enchanters, magicians, Sambalat, Tobías y Guesem, hirelings and incompetent court jesters in every society.

….Righteousness exalts a nation

The leader or king who wants to rule/govern well , righteously,  productively,  and excellently must seek out for his Daniels, Shedrachs,  Mishacks,  Abednegos  and Josephs to help him bring prosperity to his people and nation .

A leader or king, who desires to fail, will ultimately bring poverty to his people and will bring curses to himself and family after his reign, Such a leader or king will naturally surround himself with his incompetent sorcerers, enchanters, incompetent sycophants/ court jesters and Sambalat .

The choice is theirs to make. History and posterity will always be there to judge. 

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