HELMSMAN HERDSMEN battle Line drawn, moment of decision taking

….moment of decision taking  


EVERYWHERE in the world, man is confronted with challenges both from within and outside his immediate vicinity. Before one is born, challenges are already on ground to welcome one, not with a smile though but with an intimidating posture. The reasons been that another contender (the child) has landed on earth to join forces to confront the challenges rocking already living beings. 

..survival of the fittest

Everything made by GOD under the sun goes in pairs. The good and bad, man and woman, light and darkness, the poor and the rich, the strong and the weak, the government and the governed, humanity and divinity, ad infinitum. 

In Nigeria today, we have another pair of forces which have given all right thinking human being in the country serious concern; they are: The ‘HELMSMAN AND THE HERDSMEN.’

The Helmsman as it is today is the President and commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, which by INEC declaration in the just concluded general elections is, Muhammadu Buhari, while the Herdsmen are the nomadic persons whose major job is to rear cattle’s, cows and other animals in that categories. But why are both the Helmsman (the President) and the Herdsmen (Cattle rearers) of great concern and trouble to us? The answers are not far-fetched – It’s like the battle Line has been drawn since a decade ago. 

The Helmsman by antecedents, pedigree, experience and acclaimed reputation is expected of quell the Herdsmen long ago owing by what’s stated in its manifesto in 2015 pre -elections campaigns. Since this Present government mounted our political altar, the hellish activities of the later has doubled almost across the 36 states of the federation, (just a few states are exempted). These herdsmen as it is today are men whose originality are yet indefinite because of the conflicting reportage from different Media and the alleged influence of political players in Nigeria who said that the herdsmen are not Nigerians and the like of such unproven claims. Howbeit, they are simply men who have engaged farmers,  maiming  citizens and others with yet unknown intentions and have dominated the northern Nigeria from time immemorial, spreading wide and far the country. 

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Decades ago, these herdsmen have crossed borderlands of the northern hemisphere, and can even be seen virtually everywhere including Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. The reasons for these inter-state human-animals movement are not far-fetched- simply put, in pursuant of greener pastures and weather conditions amongst others.

Regrettably, we can recall before 2015, activities of these men have never been too worrisome, so Journalist has little to write about them. But sadly today, the activities of some of these  men has kept everyone in Suspense . Against traditional way and manners of herding or ranching in advanced countries, herdsmen now goes around with their cows and cattle’s with arms suspected to be Ak 47, daggers, Matchets, bows and other weapons. Ab inito, herders are meant to carry sticks, catapult, cane and a ‘small knife’ just in case of wild animals that may pose a threat.

….Nigeria today record wanton and unprecedented killings

These days, Nigeria has recorded wanton and unprecedented killings suspected to have been  perpetuated by these herdsmen. The reasons behind these ungodly and barbaric acts are still not clear, in spite of reports from the military that the traitors have been defeated.

To some observers the herders are having field days without challenge and worse still are the killings in Zamfara, Edo, Benue, Abia, Enugu and their unrestricted dominance in Abuja, Owerri, among other states of the federation. In spite of the high touted lamentations and counter attacks by the victims and security agencies respectively, the killings seems not to have stopped, which is an indirect way of asking the Helmsman (President Buhari) -WHAT CAN YOU DO?. The carnage been perpetuated by these monstrous herders prompted the Title of this article.

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Despite calls from different quarters including security experts and consultants to Mr President to rejig the security apparatchik and on the military to redesign its strategies and tacts, yet all yelling and wailing of Nigerians seems inconsequential to the powers that be. Sinec Nigeria seems helpless about this vicious attacks, the question remains; Who then would come to our rescue? Since the Helmsman with his military acumen cum prowess also seems confused and powerless  shall we continue like this? Is Nigeria gradually becoming a lawless State? Is, or rather; are there no persons at the HELM of Affairs that can confront these minor wickedness compared vi-sa-viz Boko Haram? Have those at the Helm of affairs been kowtowing in the meeting of these  suspected ill-natured herdsmen? These and more are questions begging for answers.

To some pundit, the battle line was drawn long ago between the HELMSMAN and HERDSMEN when these herders and some persons at the high places sought for cattle colony, grazing land and free movement of cows anywhere in the country, while some enacted into law anti- grazing bill which also caused them more calamities, but then, the body language of the president makes these men to unleash more harm on innocent citizens across borders. The reasons are not far-fetched. President Buhari as at today is the HELMSMAN, all Nigerians look up to him to use his military prowess and the democratic power as the Commander-In-Chief to fight this menace head-on which has become an albatross to Nigeria economic growth and development, unless he (Buhari) wants to prove otherwise.

Contrary to our expectations, these men makes our wounds fester and makes one questions some campaign promises of APC to clamp down insurgents in the country within 3 to 4 months? Where is the oath of allegiance of office the Helmsman swore to protect lives and properties? Sadly, things are falling apart because the Center can no longer hold according to Late Professor Chinualaogu Achebe. Having defile all reasons to defend and secure the people of Nigeria.

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….War rages between HELMSMAN AND HERDSMEN

What else could be said about the war between the HELMSMAN AND HERDSMEN in a country of over 190  million people where Less than 1 per cent of the total population terrorize others with suspected borrowed arms, while the Commander- In-Chief of the Armed Forces seems to be doing less than expected or curbing the menace.

Recently, the erstwhile chief of Defense cum Army, General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma called for mass self-defense in event of any threat to life. It must be stated unequivocally here that, the battle between the HERDSMEN AND HELMSMAN is still on going, the Herders are rampaging and are possibly waiting for a confrontation with the HELMSMAN. We expect the HELMSMAN to man up, brace up and jump into the wrestling ring now before the HERDSMEN declare themselves winners for his seeming failure to show up in the wrestling ring.

…PMB Shape up or ship outThis task is unalienable, PMB is the HELMSMAN who must fight the HELMSMAN, but if he prove to be weak in this regard like his civilian predecessor, we suggest he vacate that office for another who has what it takes to lead the people aright. Let me remind him that he lacks nothing for this fight unless, I repeat- he has something else to tell us, else his sportsmanship and elder statesmanship is at stake here, Time will tell!    

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