Written by: Temple Okonji Esq


DEMOCRACY thrives successfully and gloriously once the operators of the State and the System allow for the supremacy of the Constitution of the Land as well as other obligatory Legislative Enactments. And a State and System driven in the most adorable tenets of Constitutionalism must experience an impartial and independent Judiciary with Judges regarded as incorruptible and responsible . This characteristic of DEMOCRACY elicits greatest confidence in the pronouncements of the Courts once disputes and disputations and grievances are laid for ultimate resolution and determination either amongst the Agencies of Government or the individual Members of the State and / or the different Organs of Government, especially the Executive and the Legislatve. All these conditions and characteristics help boundlessly in sustaining and deepening the Democratic Experience in a State. And the Hon. Chike Okafor explored, re-engineered freshest confidence in the Courts as well as the fledgling Democracy in Nigeria.

Another glorious revelation in the political travails of the Hon. Chike Okafor as sordid and awkward as they appeared or seemed were that the God factor, together with the factors of grace and mercy and compassions flowing therefrom, condition the affairs of men either negatively or positively. It is indisputably aposite to emphasize that the Holy Scriptures described travails, trials and temptations as tests and measures of faith in the authority of JEHOVAH. Like Job as recorded in the Holy Bible, the Hon. Chike Okafor surrendered unconditionally to the final position of JEHOVAH in his political travails. Just as Daniel and the three Jewish brothers in the stories of the Holy Bible, Okafor in exceptional show of faith and dedication and commitment declared, ” except I’m not serving a living God “. And soothingly and inspiringly at the right time and moment, JEHOVAH manifested in indescribable proportions in the restoration and revalidation and inauguration of the glories of the Hon. Chike Okafor. This notoriously settles the contention on the evidential and existential truthfulness of the God factor and the recorded apostolic grace and compassions, an encouragement to all Believers to hold unto JEHOVAH in their travails, trials and temptations.

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For purposes of a reminder and refresher, the Hon. Chike Okafor was successfully declared upon victory at the primary election of the APC as the Candidate of his Political Party for the Ehime Mbano / Ihitte Uboma / Obowo Federal Constituency of Imo State alias the Okigwe South Federal Constituency, with a much more resounding endorsement in victories and glories in the main election, defeating the Candidates of the other Political Parties. And as Statutorily required and mandated, the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC ) issued the said winner with a Certificate of Return preparatory to his eventual inauguration as a Member of the Ninth Assembly of the House of Representatives, Abuja Nigeria. Distraughtfully, the dream of immediate inauguration was shattered through a ” Judicial Pronouncements ” considered bizzare, thoroughly unconscionable through irreconcilable political abracadabra. Dissatisfied with the pronouncements of the Judge of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, per Kawuu J, including the umbrage and uproar against the sore development, both the APC as a Political Party and the Hon. Chike Okafor approached the Court of Appeal , Abuja Division, challenging in all fronts, all the issues forming the basis of the judgement and other pronouncements of the Court below. And in August 07 , 2019 , the shameful political and judicial twists and drama were favourably resolved and determined through a unanimous Judgement of the Court of Appeal. Specifically, the Court of Appeal made Orders for the restoration of the Candidacy, revalidation of the electoral victory and mandate, re – issuance of the invalidated Certificate of Return, and for immediate inauguration as a Member of the House of Representatives. And the case, including every dispute or disputation in the circumstance, closed in finality!

Upon the resumption of the House of Representatives Abuja from annual recess on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, the Honourable Speaker, the Right Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila, duly and properly inaugurated the Hon. Chike Okafor as a Member of the Ninth Assembly of the House of Representatives, Nigeria in utmost compliance, sheepish obedience to the pronouncements of the Court of Appeal. It should be re-echoed and re – emphasized that the Electoral Commission ( INEC ) had re – issued a fresh Certificate of Return to the Hon. Chike Okafor as a prerequisite condition precedent for the ultimate inauguration. Smarting from the ceremony at the Headquarters of the INEC, the glorious Legislator proceeded to the Hallowed Chamber of the House of Representatives amidst thunderous ovations, tumultuous banters and positive commendations for participation at the PLENARY upon a successful inauguration. And Okafor towers as a ranking Legislator with the assured privileges and opportunities!

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Further, it can be conveniently championed and chronicled that the Hon. Chike Okafor is designed for greatness, and lubricated through these chains of negative and positive activities and events for something greater in history and destination. No wonder, this gentle political giant has become, through his second inauguration, as the only Federal Legislator for the Legislatve Seat for the Federal Constituency to be so elected for a record second term in legislatve representation, having made history earlier in the primary election as the first Federal Parliamentarian in the Lower House to secure the Candidacy of his or her Political Party for re-election! And all these positive activities and events point to a much more glorious future and destination not yet revealed for the Hon. Chike Okafor.

Instructively, it should be replayed that one of the most elegant twists and drama in the political travails of the Hon. Chike Okafor was the appointment of his greatest challenger , the Hon. Emeka Nwajiuba as a Federal Minister by the President, Commander – in – Chief, MUHAMMADU BUHARI, GCFR before the Judgement of the Court of Appeal in the dispute and disputations. Another beautiful twist yet again, was the emergence through the Court, of another Member of the Federal Constituency as represented by the Hon. Okafor as the Senator for the Imo North Senatorial District ( the Okigwe Zone ) in the Distinguished Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu. And therefore, the legislatve responsibilities of facilitating greater development and empowerment for the people of the Federal Constituency rest squarely on the three privileged political operators in responsible synergy with the Federal and State Governments. And the Hon. Chike Okafor cannot afford not to utilize and deploy these uncommon breakthrough in opportunities and options for greatest legislatve representations and political leadership!

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Born of Royalty, Prince Chike Okafor epitomizes grace and humility and meekness and godliness and charity , and he is incurably benevolent. Deacon Okafor as a Teacher and Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, exists in gratitude, and charges his followers and servants and aides and associates and allies on the spiritual and physical benefits of gratitude. A former Senior and Regional Manager of the Zenith Bank, an accomplished banker with indestructible records, the Hon. Chike Okafor served for four unbroken years as the Honourable Commissioner for Finance in Imo State from 2011 to 2015 , from which political position he aspired, contested and won the election for the representation of the Federal Constituency as a Member of the Eighth Assembly of the National Assembly of Nigeria from 2015 to 2019. And he was recommended as one of the greatest revelations of the immediate past National Assembly in all possible positive considerations in robust legislatve representation, effective political leadership , and in verifiable development through Constituency Projects and dutiful empowerment of the Constituents. No doubts, a brighter and greater destination beckons ultimately!!!

And Democracy wins!
Congratulations, to the Hon. Chike Okafor!
God exists and delivers those who believe and trust in Him in unwavering faith and trust and dedication and commitment!!!

Let Truth and Constitutionalism prevail always, and be allowed to flow like a river non-stop!
Hosanna unto Jehovah in the highest forever!!!

Temple Okonji Esq.
Abuja Nigeria.
September 19 , 2019.

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