Again, Nigerians call for end to SARS as officers allegedly shoot man dead

Nigerians have again called for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

This follows report over the weekend alleging that some men identified as SARS officials shot dead one Kolade Johnson.

This has since stirred an outcry for an end to SARS.

Reacting to the development, Spokesman for Lagos State Police Command, Bala Elkana, told NAN he was yet to be briefed of the incident.

Here are some comments from Twitter:

@Chosensomto, “The killing of Kolade Johnson by evil men of SARS should unite us; every young Nigerian, every region should speak up now, let’s EndSARS.”

@Segalink “Being young is not a crime. Having dreadlocks is not a crime. Sagging your jeans is not a crime. Having tattoos and piercings is not a crime. The big crime is the police harassing and killing the innocent youth they are paid to protect, and nobody stopping them.”

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@Mttwpage, “Imagine stepping out of your house, and be scared of unjust brutality, unlawful arrest & detention, extrajudicial killing by the Police. We need to EndSARS and make sure absolute Police reform is enacted. youths in Mushin are solidly behind a move to EndSARS.”

@Gerradc “This is Kolade Johnson. A youth like you and me. His life was ended yesterday by the rogue operatives, SARS. His crime? Being a Nigerian. The government failed him. Nigeria failed him. Shall we wait for the rot to continue? No. Time to act is now.”

@Aniefioketim, “Nigeria is such a dysfunctional place. Imagine we’re trending EndSARS all over again in 2019.Vampires dressed as security operatives, killing innocent citizens at will and walking away free. Securing nothing but their greed. What kind of dungeon is this?

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@Iam_daymoo, “Please EndSARS I don’t think we’re safe with them being around us.”

@Caccot1 “To the SARS officer that killed that innocent guy, may your soul never find peace until you die untimely. End SARS please.”

@YemieFash “SARs is a curse on this nation! End SARS.”

@Tobidagreates,” SARS Shot at people and a stray bullet hit this innocent Guy that was watching Football this afternoon, He has died eventually, He lost too much blood. May it never be well with New Inspector General Of Police that brought these animals back into our Society.”

@ForANewNigeria1, “That you’re safe at the moment doesn’t mean you should keep silent. When one is affected, all should mourn. This guy here left to watch a match & was killed by SARS. He committed no offense. He is a victim of one’s carelessness; a victim of a failed system.”

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@TheDamorela, “Nigerians are losing their lives daily, we all need to join hands and unite to finally to end SARS.”

One thought on “Again, Nigerians call for end to SARS as officers allegedly shoot man dead

  • April 4, 2019 at 6:53 pm

    Though they aid in curbing vices in the society , their unprofessionalism is so disgraceful . Imagine cases where SARS operatives are invited when two brothers fight ! A lady who is ditched by her boyfriend would invite SARS and they would arrest the man under dehumanizing situations . It’s so pitiable that the life of a young man has been ended due to the recklessness of a trigger-happy policeman . In all my 8 years of residence in Japan, I never saw a policeman with a gun for one day !!
    The time to end that department called SARS IS NOW !!


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